Q: I want to supply you the copy for our project, how and what format do I need to supply in order for you to use it?

A: We realise that you're probably using Microsoft Word for your copy generation, we can import Word files, but to give us the most flexibility you should "Save As" your copy/document as ASCII text when you have saved it, the file should look like the following: filename.txt . Once you have your file, you should email it to us as an attachment, also make sure that the encoding you use to send us the file is either BinHex (Macintosh) or UUEncode (General Purpose).

Q: We have images on disc that we'd like to use in our project, what file type and image specifications do you need in order to work with them.

A: Bitmap Images should be saved in the following formats Jpeg, Tiff or EPS these images should be in CMYK mode but we can handle them in RGB if necessary. They should also be 300dpi in resolution and be as large if not larger than what you think the size will be used for. If the image supplied is too small for the size it is needed then to maintain image quality the image will need to be re-scanned if from transparency or photo, or re-shot at a higher resolution in the case of a digital photo. One thing to note about taking pictures with digital cameras, if you're going to be using the images for print, then make sure the resolution in your camera is set to the highest setting. This will make sure we get the best, largest image for use in our print layout applications.